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Why Live at Bethel? 

Bethel is located in Pitt County where two major interstate highways are crossed. US-13 follows into US-64 right into Bethel. Our town is just 14 miles north of Greenville, less than 29 miles from Rocky Mount, and less than 13 miles to Tarboro, NC. 32% of Bethel residents work in Greenville, NC where East Carolina University, one of NC’s top colleges, is established. 

Bethel is the perfect place to settle if you’re looking for more of a calm, family-friendly, and slow-paced environment. Bethel’s affordable housing is one of the pros of being a resident in this rural town. With a lower cost of living and affordable economic development opportunities, Bethel is also your ideal place to start a small-town business. Most people of Bethel have resided here for most of their lives, which makes them loyal and dependable customers. Starting a new business in Bethel gives you, an entrepreneur, an advantage over other small towns in NC because of the proximity to Greenville. Graduates from East Carolina University are hungry for jobs after graduation and are educated in specialized skills that will create an organizational and specialized work environment. 

Located on the outskirts of Bethel is SunEnergy1, one of the fastest growing solar energy developers in the United States. Our town cares about trying to reduce ecological footprint and supply renewable, clean power to our residents by the use of solar panels. To accommodate to our families with children, we have offer a safe, friendly park area called the, “Field of Dreams”. This park features a baseball/softball field, basketball court, picnic shelter, walking track, and other facilities in the park for community recreational use.