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Bethel School

Bethel School is committed to providing each student with learning opportunities so that they can reach their full individual potential. Teachers here at Bethel want to ensure that every young child grows up into a wise, intelligent, and educated adult. Our teachers also want to teach students more than just academic skills, but as well as basic knowledge that can be carried with them to be successful in the future. Bethel students are strongly encouraged to get involved with various clubs or organizations such as Student Government Association, Chess Club, Lego Robotics, National Beta Club, etc. Since Bethel is a small town, our students have the opportunity to grow from neighborhood childhood play buddies into friends that will be remembered forever. More information regarding Bethel School’s sports, clubs, calendar, and contact information may be found at:

152 E. Washington Street
Bethel, NC 27812
Phone: (252) 825-3801
Fax: (252) 825-1203

North Pitt High School

The Panthers of North Pitt High School are strong, empowered students that strive for success and are determined to become successful for the future. Not only does NPHS value their students, but the parents who support the school district and the community as a whole. North Pitt High School is dedicated to their students’ success by creating opportunities of networking with Pitt County Community College and East Carolina University. Teachers here want to form students into becoming academically, intellectually, and socially successful in whichever path they choose to follow. Recently, NPHS has increased academic scores and the graduation rate over the past few years. This high school has been successful in performing at or above the state expectations. Bethel is proud to be a part of the Panther family, and that’s something everyone should want to be a part of. If you want to learn more about what North Pitt High School has to offer, please visit the website at:

5659 NC Hwy 11 North
Bethel, NC 27812
Phone: (252) 825-0054
Fax: (252) 825-1310

Pitt County Schools Early College High School

Pitt County Schools Early College High School (PCSECHS) is home to the Wolves located at Pitt Community College (less than 25 minutes from Bethel). Not very many small towns like Bethel offer early college options for students, and Bethel takes pride on giving students this opportunity. Educators here pride themselves in molding citizens to become well educated, motivated, and dedicated people. PCSECHS provides students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma, two years of transferable college credits, or an associate’s degree within five years at no cost to students. To learn more about the opportunities that PCSECHS can offer to their students, or if you wish to apply, please visit:

Pitt Community College

Pitt Community College is located in Winterville, NC less than 20 miles from Bethel, NC. This is the perfect community college for students who want to stay at home in Bethel, but still further their education. PCC is affordable college education where students can receive their Associate’s degree or earn two years of college credits and transfer.  Professor here have been education and empowering people through various training programs, high quality instruction, and technology necessary for students to become successful in whichever career path they decide to take. The goal at PCC is to provide in-state residents affordable tuition, and accommodate student’s busy schedules by offering online classes, weekend, and evening classes. Visit PCC website

East Carolina University

Located only 15 minutes from North Pitt High School, East Carolina, also known as Pirate Nation, offers numerous amount of opportunities to further student success. ECU is the only university in NC to offer a dental school, medical school, and College of Engineering at the same institution. Bethel residents have an advantage over many small town citizens by having the opportunity to easily commute to one of NC top universities. Bethel takes pride in being so close in proximity to ECU, ranked in the top 30% of schools, and encourages those who live in Bethel that want to further their education, to consider ECU. To find more information regarding East Carolina University Opportunities, visit"

East 5th Street
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: (252) 328-6131